Armstrong & Getty Archives

A collection of archived shows from throughout the years.

After scouring the fan base for several years, we've been able to assemble a huge collection of archived shows for the past 15 or so years. It's a large collection, but there are huge chunks missing. If you think you can help complete this collection, please contact me!

A huge thanks to @star104matt for making a giant contribution of his collection. He offered me up several hundred gigs of shows, very nicely organized, and made this whole process way easier. Be sure to check out his radio network: Star 104 Radio (Facebook).

Editors Needed!

If you find yourself listening to the archives often, it would be a huge help if you would volunteer to add descriptions to each show. Right now we have no descriptions - which means there is no way to search through the archives.

If you'd like to be an editor, please contact me!

The collection so far:

More are coming soon!

Please, don't mass download the entire collection.

If you'd like the entire collection, just contact me and I can arrange to get you the files using a file sharing service. It's very expensive to have someone crawl the entire collection.


And on the note of money, I'm now accepting donations to help cover the cost of hosting this giant library. It's costing a couple hundred dollars a year to host this site. I've tried to keep costs to a minimum, but now that we have such a giant library, the bills add up.




Comments? Suggestions?

Join the discussion on Reddit, or email me (contact info on my my home page).


- Ben in San Jose
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