Armstrong & Getty Podcast Calendar and Show Archive


I've been a huge fan of Armstrong and Getty for over fifteen years. I love that they give their podcast away. I quite simply couldn't listen if there wasn't a feed. I'm busy doing my day job when they broadcast. And my commute time doesn't sync up. And most importantly, the podcast allows me to listen to every minute of every show. Even if I get a few weeks behind, I always manage to catch up.

This is It is a site I created to make it easier to navigate their podcast feeds. It's also become the home of the clip gallery and I have some other fun stuff planned for the future.


Why "Bingo"?

I bought the domain way back when and it just hosted a simple bingo board full of squares relating to the show. A&G mentioned it on the show and it got a lot of love, but I've repurposed it for bigger/better A&G-related things. And the calendar looks kinda like a bingo board. So there's that.

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Comments? Suggestions?

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A Note to A&G

I know you want traffic to your home page, but your feed sucks. If you want to host this site, I'd be happy to hand it over to you. Just say the word.


- Ben in San Jose
You're HUGE in the 'ho!