January 09, 2013


The Kings may have been sold; Mailbag; Live report on the gun control debate

6 AM - The Kings have been sold (maybe); MailBag; Fox News' Mike Majchrowitz reports on Biden working on gun control.


Brent Musburger "ogled" Miss Alabama; College student accused of being racist

7 AM - Brent Musburger "ogled" Alabama QB's girlfriend; Fresno State University student Neil O'Brien talks about being put on disciplinary probation for his conservative politics.


More on the Fresno student; N-word debate; Honey Boo Boo's mom hates "mari-nnaise"

8 AM - More on Fresno State student; Samuel L Jackson tried to get a reporter to say the N word; Honey Boo Boo's mom doesn't like mayonaise; Reality show about a rapper with a bunch of baby mamas.


Jack mad at the media; Syrup sandwiches; Joe's cry for help; Women grumpy in the morning

9 AM - Jack is mad at the media; Syrup sandwiches; We revisit the Brent Musburger controversy; Joe's cry for help; Women may or may not be grumpy in the morning.