January 21, 2013


Har-Bowl; Mailbag; 49er receiver accused with sexual assault; Jack offended by NFL/War analogy

6 AM - Niners are going to the Super Bowl; Jack got the Niners game spoiled for him; MailBag; Niners WR Crabtree questioned in sexual assault; Jack's offended by the NFL.


Vince lost 40 pounds; Live report from Algeria; Kimmel asks about an inauguration that didn't happen

7 AM - Manti Te'o will be on Katie Couric; Joe may look like Jesus; Joe watched The Biggest Loser; Vince has a weight update; Military consultant Mike Lyons reports on the Algerian hostage situation; Kings have been sold; Kimmel asked people about the inauguration before it actually happened.


Manti Te'o update; Jack reading a book on Scientology; Obama flubs the oath again

8 AM - Fox News' Jennifer Keiper gives us the very latest on the Manti Te'o story; Caller says an A-list actor is gay; Jack's reading a book on Scientology; Obama's inauguration.


1 in 13 are on government disability; Dominick Asks; Woman with world's widest hips

9 AM - 1 in 13 are on government disability; We play Dominick Asks; Beyonce sings at the inauguration; Woman with world's widest hips.