September 14, 2018


Catholic Church Scandal Gets Worse

There's plenty fo news to cover within this episode of A&G, including newly released names in the Catholic Church abuse saga, drivers as spies for the insurance industry, Elon's big rocket and a gas explosion in Boston.


Joe Shoots Jack in the Back!

An epic Nerf Battle breaks out in-studio between Jack, Joe and Positive Sean (Marshall ducked for cover). Elsewhere this hour, Jack needs a food slapper, Bloomberg may run for Pres, and there's a Tucker Carlson shout-fest!


Kavanaugh Khaos

Joining A&G, Elise Viebeck regarding Senator Feinstein's "evidence" that could impact the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. Plus, an outstanding newscast submitted by Marshall Phillips and there's a discussion on Norm MacDonald's bad week.


Mark Leibovich Interview

The author of "This Town" and now, "Big Time: The NFL in Dangerous Times" joins A&G talk about the new book. Plus, a jammed packed Marshall newscast which includes the latest on DiFi's effort to kill the Kavanaugh confirmation.