February 13, 2018


There's a Fresh Chat to Have!

The Valentine's Eve version of A&G opens with Olympic hopefulness and political news remorse. Jack also reveals that he'd like to spend one day as a certain pop singer. And, The Susan Rice--crooked as a corkscrew?


A Dangerous Moment

Washington Post Beirut Bureau Chief Liz Sly talked to Armstrong & Getty about the Israeli fighter jet that was shot down last weekend. Sly says this is "a very dangerous moment" for every country in the Middle East. Also this hour, the popularity of figure skating and how donuts have ruined Jack's life.


Olympic Medals & 7-11 Sushi

We start this hour with Positive Sean's true measurement of Olympic Medal values. Then we deftly move to the topic of 7-11 sushi. Finally, we round it out with a discussion on the “Infocalypse", and then we finish it off with a fine german shepard pie.


The Susan Rice Email

This hour on A&G, that weird last-day Susan Rice email. Will there be more revelations about how the FBI and The Justice Dept. handled the FISA warrants?